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Centre committed to implement 'one rank, one pension' scheme: V K Singh

Monday, 28 July 2014 - 7:34am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: PTI

The BJP-led government at the Centre is committed to implement the 'one rank, one pension' scheme for ex-servicemen, Minister of State for External Affairs General V K Singh said on Sunday.
"The BJP-led government at the Centre has allotted Rs 1,000 crore for the implementation of one rank one pension scheme, which is insufficient. I have requested the Finance Minister to allocate more funds for it. The government remains committed to implement the scheme at the earliest," Singh told reporters here.
Singh, who is also the Minister of State for North East Region, said the Finance Minister has assured him that there would be no dearth of capital for the scheme.
The former Army Chief was in Mumbai to attend a programme to mark the '15th Kargil Vijay Diwas' at the state BJP office here."We had announced the one rank-one pension scheme in our manifesto and the central government will ensure its implementation at the earliest," he added.
Talking about the upcoming assembly polls in Maharashtra, he said, the state BJP leaders should ensure that the party-led alliance comes to power in the state. "The assembly elections in Maharashtra are just a few months away. The state BJP leaders should ensure that the BJP-led (Mahayuti) alliance wins the upcoming elections.
This will ensure a better co-ordination between the central and the state governments, and further benefit the state from the schemes of the central government," he said.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Today 26 July 2014 is the 15 anniversary of Kargil Vijay Divas. Whole nation is in a jubilant mood and celebrating the victory of Indian Armed Forces over occupational forces of Pakistan in Kargil and Drass sector. Euphoria in the country is unending, print media and media channels are vying with each other in singing bravery stories of Indian soldiers and Indian Armed Forces. Indian Armed Forces won 4 Param veer chakras 9 Mahaveer chakras and 55 Veer charkra for exceptional bravery in the face of enemy. A total of 527 soldiers gave extreme sacrifice of their life and 1363 soldiers were wounded/maimed and lost limbs to save integrity of nation. 

Come 27 July and Indian news papers and media channels will forget the Indian Armed Forces and their sacrifices and switch over to other stories and will again wake up on 24 July 2015 to sing valiant stories of Indian Army. Nobody in India cares to remember the sane advise of learned statesman Chanakya of Mouryan dynasty. Chandragupta Mourya dynasty had won great battles and got very rich. Soon after the King and his court men deeply immersed themselves in great luxuries forgetting their soldiers. Chanakya, the wise adviser of the kingdom, had to reprimand the King Chandra Gupta Mourya and told him
Oh My King your soldiers guard frontiers of Magadh in hostile conditions while royalty and citizen enjoy and sleep in peace and safety. It will be a very sad day for Magadh “The day the soldier has to demand his dues.”
 Unfortunately this advise is very apt in India today. Indian democratic Government has been neglecting the welfare of soldier for the last 67 years after independence. Despite this neglect Indian Armed Forces have delivered and won battles for their Mother Land for the pride of the Nation, Indian Army, their unit and then for their own pride.
 The neglect has reached a stage that family of gallantry award winners are living in penury and are not able to feed and educate their children. 
A citizen only needs to look around and see guards around your home, shopping centers and get a feeling of a life of a soldier who was back bone of Indian Army till a few years back. In the time of internet and television, condition of these families, living in deplorable conditions can not be hidden from a serving soldier. A serving soldier might ask a question to himself 
 “Is ultimate sacrifice worth for the Nation/Government that will not look after my family after my sacrifice”.
This split second hesitation can alter the battle situation in favor or against at a very crucial time. Time has come to ponder on this point. Any delay to correct this condition will be at Nations peril
 “A country makes a sacred solemn agreement with its soldiers. While soldier is ready to sacrifice his life for protecting the integrity and sovereignty of the nation, the nation will look after his welfare and needs while in service and take care of his family after his ultimate sacrifice."
 This solemn agreement is in serious strain in India today.
 One needs to think a little rationally as to what is India giving to a soldier who is asked to make ultimate sacrifice of his life for security of nation and safety of countrymen. Few simple questions need to be answered with sincerely by the Government/bureaucracy/citizen of this great country.
1    Is it not very difficult to make laws soldier friendly and interpret them with helpful frame of mind? How much dent will it make to Government treasury?
 2   Why is it that a decision given by AFT or any court in favor of retired soldier needs to be challenged in higher court by Govt? We have instances where in MOD has challenged decisions of courts for even as little as Rs 700/ to Rs 2000/ per month for wounded soldiers. In a country where lacs of crores of Rupees are lost in scams after scams, where Government Ministers/Officials are caught red handed taking bribes and causing loss to Government treasury. Is it not ironical for the MOD to fight and waste Government time and money for pittance of Rs 2000/ per month against a soldier who has lost his limbs in protecting India?

 Unless of course they get a sadistic pleasure out of it that they have fixed Indian Army. 

            Unfortunately this is their own Army 


                          not Pakistan Army. 

If this is the state of mind of our Government and its bureaucracy then 


 MOD has filed appeals in 3600 cases in higher courts against the judgment of AFTs in favor of soldiers mostly disabled.

3   Is it too difficult to give whatever is promised to a soldier by the Central Government or State Government? Why is it that a soldier or his family has to run from pillar to post for getting his dues and pay bribes for getting it. Why can not we make bureaucracy responsible for delivering and question them if they fail?   

4  Why is it not possible for Army/Navy and Air Force Hq to crate a Directorate which will be responsible to ensure that all dues to a gallantry award winner or his family are delivered in time at his/her door step without paying any bribe.   





Sunday, July 27, 2014

BJP Pays for the Great Betrayal - Major General Mrinal Suman

Results of three bye-elections in Uttarakhand are out and BJP has been trounced, with Congress bagging all the three seats. It has taken less than 60 days for Modi euphoria to disappear. A buoyed and rejuvenated Congress must be thanking BJP for its failure to deliver. Inapt handling of the issue of OROP is symptomatic of the poor performance.
After the budget speech of 10 July, it became apparent that the NDA government had succumbed to the pressure of the bureaucrats and diluted the concept of OROP. To almost all soldiers, both serving and retired, it was a breach of faith – a promise broken and a Great Betrayal.
Next day, on 11 July, I had written the following comments which have proved highly prophetic:-
“Reaction of ex-servicemen to the budget speech varies from a sense of betrayal to outright disgust with BJP. Sample some of the comments making rounds on the social media – ‘an allocation of Rs 1000 crore is nothing but a cruel joke’, ‘we have been taken for a ride by false promises’, ‘let all ex-servicemen take a vow to teach BJP a lesson by voting against it henceforth’, ‘state assemblies that go to polls shortly should be used to deliver a shock to the ungrateful party’ and ‘even a Kejriwal would have been more indebted for the support we extended’.
As regards BJP, rarely has one seen such a shortsighted leadership – in a short period of six weeks it has frittered away all the goodwill and support that it had garnered by assiduously cultivating the soldiers and ex-soldiers. It forgot that it owed its electoral victory in no small measure to the en-block support extended by 50 lakh strong military community and their family members.
Even the die-hard opponents of BJP had never expected such a short honeymoon. Breach of faith is as ruinous to any relationship as infidelity to a marriage. Thus, a divorce is now inevitable. BJP is certainly going to rue its ill-advised act of taking ex-servicemen for granted and reneging on its promise.”
For soldiers OROP has come to represent honoring of solemn promises. It is no more a question of money. It has become a matter of honour. It hurts to be misled and taken for a ride. Unfortunately, BJP has failed to appreciate the sensitivities of the soldiers. Smug in its unexpected victory, it has become arrogant in handling them. How else can one interpret the advice given by Defence Minister Jetley to ex-servicemen to lower their expectations? Would he have dared to say so before the elections? Modi promised OROP and not sham-OROP.
For soldiers, national interests are supreme. It would have been far better for the government to state – “We accept the established definition of OROP but are tight on finances at present. We will implement it for JCOs and OR immediately with the available resources. Give us some time to implement it for the officers.” Most soldiers would have accepted the suggestion. But then, grace and compassion are not the qualities that one generally associates with the politicians.
Most observers feel that Modi erred by appointing Jetley as the Defence Minister for two reasons. One, with the load of Finance Ministry, he has little time to devote to the Defence Ministry. He cannot study matters in depth and has to give decisions on the details put up by the bureaucrats. Resultantly, bureaucrats are running the show. Two, Jetley has been a part of the ‘Delhi Durbar’ for far too long. It is unfair to expect him to pull himself out of the bureaucratic quagmire and take bold decisions.
According to the reports, all soldiers and their families voted for Congress in the recent bye-polls in Uttarakhand. BJP and Modi should see the writing on the wall. They must realise that they are shooting in their own foot by losing the backing of the solid support base of soldiers and ex-servicemen. Time is fast running out. Elections to Haryana, and may be Delhi, are due shortly. One will not be surprised if BJP loses in all assembly segments of Ghaziabad which elected General VK Singh with over 5.67 lakh votes. Disillusionment with BJP is spreading rapidly amongst the soldiers and the veterans.

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Canteen Smart Cards and Canteen inventory Management System were introduced in URCs in 2004. The Smart Cards were revised with additional security features in October 2010, such as storage of photo in chip and increased chip memory from 16 kb and recently to 64 kb. The Requirement was felt to renew these cards in phases for operational efficiency. The SOP in accordance with DDGCS letter No 96301/Q/DDGCS/Policy dated 15 May 2013, elaborates the procedures for implementing phased replacement of Old Canteen Smart Cards

The Phased replacement of all Smart Cards issued prior to Oct 2010 shall be done as per time frame as under:-

Date Event/Action

01 Aug 13 to 31 Jul 14 Replace of all Smart Cards issued in 2003-2004
01 Aug 14 to 31 Oct 14 Cushion Period 3 months to cater for left over cases of 2003-2004
01 Nov 14 to 31 Dec 15 Replacement of Smart Cards issued in 2005. 
01 Jun 16 to 31 Mar 16 Cushion period 3 months
01 Apr 16 onwards 

Replacement of Smart Cards issued 01 Jan 2006 onwards will be done as per warning displayed during customers visit to URC keeping the 10 years shelf life in view, as also for cards which have got smudged/defaced in an earlier time frame


The Applicant must tick the correct box-Re-Applying in all case of re-applying, be it is part of phased change of old Smart Cards or due to other requirement (Such as Cards damaged, lost, category change) Applicant must tick in “ Fresh” box only when applying for Smart Cards for the first time.
In case of Re-applying, enter Old Liquor/Grocery Cards ID. This is a mandatory field for all cases of Re-applying. The Printed number on the Old Liquor/Grocery Card must be correctly entered here.
Applicant's Mobile No must be entered by the applicant.
It is preferable and operationally efficient to apply for all required Smart Cards in one single application. Incase dependent Smart Cards are applied separately at a late stage, the old dependent Smart Cards will be temporarily blocked on activation of new parent grocery Smart Card. On being inserted for billing, old dependent Smart Cards not linked to newly activated parent grocery Smart Cards, CIMS will flash message – 'Your old primary grocery card is not listed'. 

Please get your dependent cards reactivated with the newly personalized grocery card for distribution of entitlement. 

Veteran applicants have the option of applying for Combined Grocery and Liquor Smart Cards, but this smart cards has some major disadvantages, vis-à-vis Separate Grocery namely -Additional amount of Rs 1500/- available in Liquor Smart Cards is not available in combined Grocery & Liquor Smart Cards. -There is no provision for issuing Dependent Smart Cards based on this Smart Card. Applicants have to apply afresh to a separate grocery and dependent Smart Cards if needed.

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